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How do I sign-up for a course listed under “Public Courses”?
There are three ways you can sign-up for a course.  The first is by calling Bob Russo at +301-607-9040 or toll-free at +844-614-78880.  The second is to send an email to: training@launchspace.com.  Finally, you can sign-up at our website at http://launchspace.com.

Can I pay for my course by credit card?
We accept all credit cards for our public classes.  Cards are not charged unless the class is confirmed.  Public classes are confirmed no later than two weeks before the scheduled class start date.  Once credit cards are charged, refunds are made only in the most extreme circumstance and solely at the discretion of Launchspace management.

If I cannot attend the course I signed-up for, can I reschedule?
Rescheduling may not necessarily be an available option due to the fact that courses may be offered only once a year depending on the topic.  Therefore, rescheduling would be considered on a case-by-case basis only.

How can I stay connected with Launchspace news, commentary, and course offerings?
You can stay connected with Launchspace on our website at http://launchspace.com, via LinkedIn or Facebook, or you can sign up to receive our weekly newsletter on our website.

How much do public course offerings cost?
Prices for classes vary according to class duration and materials requirements.  For 2014, all-inclusive prices per attendee are as follow: 1-Day Class: US$995.00; 2-Day Class: US$1,295.00; 3-Day Class: US$1,595.00; and, 4-Day Class: US$1,795.00.

How do I arrange for a client-site class for my organization?
Upon official request, client-site classes are individually quoted for a fixed, all-inclusive price, usually within 24 hours, for a mutually agreed upon time, duration, as well as location.  Classes from the Course Catalog may be moderately customized at no extra charge to fit client requirements.  Custom classes not listed in the Course Catalog are quoted after course requirements are determined and mutually agreed. 

What are the payment terms for a client-site class?
Launchspace payment terms vary, depending on: [a] the class location (continental U.S. or abroad, for example); [b] the specialized content requirements; [c] the class date; and, [d] the lead-time to prepare the client-site class.

What additional information do I need to know to have a client-site class designed?
Clients are responsible for: [a] selecting the venue; [b] providing the audio/visual equipment needed; [c] managing the attendee registration process; and, [d] providing any desired refreshments.

In addition to the expert instructor, what will Launchspace provide a client-site class?
Launchspace will provide all necessary printed materials (for classes in the continental U.S. only; client is responsible for printed materials from Launchspace-provided electronic media for classes conducted abroad).

What if my organization needs to cancel or postpone a planned client-site class?
Launchspace will carefully work with the client to reschedule a planned client-site class.  If, however, a Client-Site class is cancelled or deferred within 30 days of the scheduled class start date, full payment to Launchspace is required.

In what language are all Launchspace courses taught?

Classes are taught and materials are printed in the English language.




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