Course Catalog

Course Catalog (This page is still under renovations.  If a course is not available online by clicking the title, then please contact Launchspace for details on that course.)

1000 General Courses

2000 Space System Courses

3000 Space Application Courses

5000 Launch Vehicle Courses

6000 Management and Cost Analysis

7000 Lessons Learned Courses

  • 7100 Lessons Learned: Payload Integration
  • 7200 Lessons Learned: Small Spacecraft Design
  • 7300 Lessons Learned: Spacecraft Instrument Design
  • 7400 Lessons Learned: Satellite Program Management
  • 7500 Lessons Learned: Space Vehicle Mechanisms
  • 7600 Lessons Learned: Launch Spacecraft Avionics
  • 7700 Lessons Learned: Expendable and Reusable Launch Vehicles
  • 7900 Lessons Learned: Space Debris

8000 University Support Programs

9000 Special Management Programs

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