Aerospace Construction Cost Estimating

COURSE NO.: 6010


This powerful seminar concentrates on the preparation of a detailed construction cost estimate for a 4100 SF reinforced
concrete masonry, steel joint roof system for a propellant component office laboratory building, using an 11 page set of
plans and outline specification 86 item price schedule. The color keyed slides and view graphs of 14-20 page estimates
carries the student from the earthwork to bid summary with special emphasis on faster, more accurate and successful
estimates for cost engineering with architectural, civil, and structural design considerations. The objective of this course
is to enable aerospace construction personnel to understand and estimate construction and GSE costs, and to understand
the importance of design requirements and costs. This seminar will help you and your company provide better cost control
through better cost estimating and cost engineering. Special features: Over 100 estimating secrets in 6 volume workbooks
and videos. Videos: "How Does the Successful Low Bid Get Low and Make Money?", "16 Case Studies with 75 Ways Low
Bidders Get Low," and "15 Keys to Successful Bidding and Construction." Commercial, industrial, and aerospace GSE facilities.
Government and contracting cost estimating.


Include extensive notes and reference materials. Bring a calculator.


Aerospace and construction managers, designers, cost and project engineers in aerospace and construction, government
A and E consultants, estimators, contractors, construction estimators and other management personnel working for
contractors or owners who want to understand and prepare reliable construction and GSE estimates and design.


Ability to understand and prepare more reliable budget and detailed estimates for construction and GSE projects. Improve
estimating and bidding success, program budgeting, faster and better. How to take off 3-15 trades at one time. How to use
70 aerospace estimating tools for faster and more accurate estimates. How to make budget cost estimates for more than
25 aerospace launch facilities and GSE - austere to full-up. How to understand and estimate design and extra costs for
aerospace design. Conceptual estimates for launch pads, landing, processing assembly handling, OPF, service structures,
payload control and X-ray facilities, bridge cranes and other GSE.


  1. Introduction.

    Estimating Overview. 3 - 7 - 21 steps. Markups, types, estimating proposals. Contractor vs. Government
    Estimating - Differences. The Big Challenge - video. Aerospace/KSC 20 significant cost factors. 24 years of
    KSC cost index, created and developed by J. A. Brown. Estimating the cost of estimating. Estimating the
    cost of A and E designs. Contingencies 0 - 25% - confidence factor.

  2. Practical Factors.

    Concrete - forms, rebar - special finishes. Structural steel. Prices, rule of thumb. Change orders - 5 year
    study – prevention. 30 Ways to faster estimating. Mechanical and electrical estimating. Manual and computer
    estimating video. CADD/Automatic computer cost estimating.

  3. Other Tools and Factors.

    Aerospace estimating tools (21). Aerospace Price Book (APB), created and developed by J. A. Brown. New
    exciting estimating tools (12). Specialized Estimating Summaries Project ECBC/CCE. Aerospace Labor
    Productivity - 1.15 to 5x. Location factors - survey 240 projects. Case study SSPF - Vol. IV, price book, cost
    analysis. Video - estimating, bidding analysis & strategy, Apollo and shuttle launches and landings and space
    station facility bidding and construction.


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